Sarah Kain Gutowski’s talent, her knowledge of language and her ability to weave stories make this collection about the complexity of womanhood, motherhood, and the female artist unique.

Hope Esperanza Snyder,

Poet Laureate of Shepherdstown, WV






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The Stony Brook Manhattan Center
for Creative Writing and Film

This fall, I'm teaching a graduate course for the Stony Brook MFA Creative Writing and Literature program, specifically their Manhattan Track students, titled "Writing in Multiple Genres: Prose/Poem -- The Music of It." It's a course that focuses on structure and form, where students create hybrid works that are part prose, part poetry, and it connects with the work I'm doing over my sabbatical in essential and inspiring ways. It was a last-minute but serendipitous opportunity, and so even though the bulk of this semester should (and will) be spent focusing on my own creative work, I couldn't pass up the chance to work with other writers in this area.

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Stony Brook MFA and Manhattan track, click here.