Sarah Kain Gutowski’s talent, her knowledge of language and her ability to weave stories make this collection about the complexity of womanhood, motherhood, and the female artist unique.

Hope Esperanza Snyder,

Poet Laureate of Shepherdstown, WV






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In the light of the pandemic and its myriad challenges, maintaining a blog fell pretty low on the priorities list, so I abandoned Mimsy and Outgrabe for a solid year -- possibly my longest absence since I began the blog in 2010/2011. Now that the 2020-21 academic year has concluded (may its like never return), I've decided to reboot.

This summer, I'll be attempting to keep a weekly presence here as I work on three projects simultaneously, marking my inevitably slow and painstaking progress with each, as well as keeping a record of my summer reading, and, as per my tendencies, talking about the things that amuse, fascinate, and terrify me in equal measure.